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Leading organizations and facilitating "decision-making" from a clinical and non-clinical perspective.

Physicians of this century are assuming the role of executive leadership, and senior management positions for health care systems and physician group practices as health care dynamics shift at an unprecedented pace, with health reform and shrinking remuneration sources. The health care industry is seeking new leaders in their executive management from physicians who have the total perspective on the practice of medicine, and the delivery of medical care both individual and population.

Physicians ought to be in executive leadership roles because they have both theoretical and practical knowledge of medicine earned from an extensive formal education, post-graduate training, clinical experiences, and formal education and experience in the business side of medicine. Thus health systems at the core of the delivery, and the periphery of organizations, are coming to the conclusion that physicians the most qualified to be in top executive roles.

The leadership provided by a physician is grounded in our tacit knowledge of clinical medicine and the business perspective of health care delivery from the individual patient, community-at-large, and populations. Therefore, clinical and financial outcomes as well as excellent organizational performance are best achieved when a physician who has the formal education and work experience are included on business decision-making matters.

Physician are well versed in the art of mediation between people who have clinical or non-clinical backgrounds. The credibility and expertise gained from the practice of medicine combined with the necessary management skills including the most successful business strategies learned from private practice or hospital enables us to advocate for our patients, and the communities we faithfully serve.


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